Webmaster's Experience
capabilities and limitations
(as of Oct. 2001)
(What I do know)
  • Html
    • Html tags, and how to use them, properly.
    • Differences between various browsers, and how to adjust for them.
    • How to create and customize frames, tables, and forms.
    • How to make a site that works properly for most visitors.
    • How to design a good website, in my opinion anyway. :) see below
    • How to use SSI (Server Side Includes).
  • Programming
    • Perl - Write my own programs and customize or alter any pre-written programs.
    • Javascript - can customize pre-written scripts and write small scripts of my own.
  • Miscellaneous
    • How to get listed on search engines.
    • How to create your own newsgroup.
Current Limitations
(What I don't know, or know little of)
  • Flash (currently studying)
  • SQL (currently studying)
  • E-commerce (currently studying)
  • Style sheets
  • Visual Basic
  • PHP
  • Java
Basics of a Good Website
Here is an overview of what I consider to be a good website.

A website should:

  • be easy to navigate
  • be laid out with a consistent style
  • have everything working right
  • work on all popular browsers
  • look good at various resolutions
  • have a fairly quick loading front page
  • have a front page that will catch the viewers attention
  • have a front page that clearly shows the purpose of the site
  • make sure text is readable (text vs background)
  • have an easy way to get answers to questions

A website should not:

  • appear too complicated
  • look confusing or sloppy
  • be hard for people to find what they are looking for
  • concentrate on one aspect (design, content, or navigation)
  • have background music that can't be stopped

A website should be careful with:

  • Flash front page (many browsers still don't support it - give an option)
  • recent programming developments (not everyone buys a computer twice a year)
  • color combinations (see if it can be viewed in 256 color and even B&W)
  • animations (can be entertaining or irritating)


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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