Customer Service Guarantee
for web design services
This guarantee will be more detailed in the future.

If you chose to use our website design services, we will give you a final price after all necessary information has been gathered, and we know exactly what you want us to do. The final price we give you is guaranteed as long as your requests do not change significantly. Our payment terms will be 30% up front, and the balance when the work is finished to your expectations.

During the design of your website, we will occasionally contact you to show you what we have. That allows you to see the upcoming product and make minor adjustments, changes, or notify us if something isn't what you are looking for. We work interactively with you until the final product is what you are looking for. At that time the final payment will be due.

If our finished product can't meet your expectations, the final payment will not be due as long as our final product is not used without significant changes. Using it as we gave it to you would mean your acceptance of our final product, and the balance will be due immediately. Our prices are very competitive, but can only stay that way as long as we work together.

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